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Adolescent-friendly Information Corner Operation Model Procedure 2077 BS approved Education News Nepal

The government has approved the Adolescent-friendly Information Corner Operation Model Procedure 2077 BS, aimed at operating such a corner at the library or in a separate room at schools. The Ministry of education, Science and Technology’s Centre for Education and Human Resource Development has endorsed the Procedure recently with the goal of helping make adolescent-friendly sexual and reproductive health education systematic and well-managed in schools.The objective of the work procedure approved for the first time is to create an environment conducive for listening to the queries and problems of the adolescent boys and girls by managing the information corner at schools. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Family Planning Association of Nepal and the Broader Sexuality Education Technical Working Group had assisted the Centre in preparing the work procedure. Its goal is also to encourage active participation of the adolescent girls and boys in the learning activities at school by responding to their various queries and problems related to sexual and reproductive health issues and enhancing their access to quality education.
The work procedure is divided into six chapters, namely, introduction, name, operation and management; selection of place and its management; works to be done for operation of the information corner and miscellaneous.The work procedure ensured the access of the adolescent boys and girls to the information corner to be set up in the school.
The work procedure defines the adolescent-friendly information corner as a collective work place for promoting the comprehensive sexuality education and information based on skills useful for life and their overall health that is operated at school through their participation, initiation, and management. The holistic sexuality education programme is being run in Sarlahi, Sunsari, Rautahat, Achham, Bajura, Bajhang, Baitadi, Udayapur, and Purbi Rukum with the financial and technical support of UNFPA. So far 137 such adolescent-friendly information corners have been operated in schools in these districts.

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